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A data preservation program has to be precisly planned in terms of guidelines, policies, internal organization and must rely on services which will allow data managers to monitor the archive and tackle the threats that could menace the data integrity and exploitation. Our consortium collects some of the most advanced Earth Science archives in Europe together with the state of the art of research on digital preservation infrastructures. 

During - and after - the project we will release preservation specific software services and guidelines for harmonization of preservation policies in the Earth Science domain. We believe this will help current and future data managers to overcome organizational and technical problems they may face while setting up and mantining their archives.

You will find full information about our technical approach in the Preservation section of our website.  

The work on preservation policies harmonization starts from the EO LTDP context: European Space agencies are working to find common an agreed solutions to simplify and enhance dialogue and inteoperability between Earth Observation archives. In this project we will incorporate the needs coming from some of the most important Earth Science archives and will try to extend the work carried out in EO to the whole european Eart Science data preservation community. We will assess, analyze and try to enhance the state of the covering the following crucial steps of a preservation program: 

1. Definition (and rationale) of a preserved data set content: what you should preserve

2. Archive operations and organization

3. Archive security

4. Data ingestion

5. Archive maintenance

6. Data access and interoperability

7. Data exploitation and re-processing

8. Data appraisal and purge prevention