SCIDIP-ES Interactive Platform

Our service and toolkits can be used and downloaded from our interactive platform


SCIDIP-ES Training

Follow the link to see past project training videos on digital data preservation


Interactive Platform

Follow the link to access our Interactive Platform. This is where you will be able to see our Services and Toolkits in action. You will have a full explanation of each of them and you will be able to use the services on line or to download the toolkits on your laptop and test them. We are building a user satisfaction mechanism to allow you providing us your feedback, which is crucial for our work!

To date (October 2012) you'll find a first prototypal release, based on the work done in the CASPAR project. In march 2013 (M18 of the project) a first complete set of Services and Toolkits will be released and ready to be used. Come visit us soon!