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Storage Services

This service provides an interface to the physical storage of digital objects. The advantage of using this interface is that it ensures that all the information needed for the long term preservation of the data is identified (in an AIP) and can be moved from a repository to another when, for example the funding for the former ends. The interface can be implemented on top of existing storage systems so there should be no need to make major changes in existing repositories – it just adds the AIP capabilities. However new storage systems could also be adopted, although this would not be without costs. For example in the last years, storage services have been progressively moving to web‐based platforms in which the user sees a virtual archive that seamlessly takes care of all storage functions (data distribution, redundancy, refresh, etc.). Cloud storage is the technological basis for this service, which hides the physical storage complexity.

Therefore, in the SCIDIP-ES project, the aim is not to develop a new storage service for the ES data but to provide the data holders with “preservation-aware” storage service infrastructure based on existing storage technologies including cloud-based services.