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The Centre for Environmental Data Archival, based within the RAL Space department of the Science and Technology Facilities Council's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, hosts a range of activities associated with environmental data archives. These activities include running a number of key environmental data centres for the environmental research community as well as being in the vanguard of the development of  data archival and delivery practices and technologies.



On 14th April 2010 the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in Iceland erupted, spewing clouds of volcanic ash into the atmosphere which was then carried aloft over the UK and Europe.  Whilst UK and European airspace was closed for 5 days, and the commercial airline industry grounded, the atmospheric science community was actively making measurements of the ash plume with airborne and ground-based instruments.  

CEDA played a central role in this data collection by providing the means to keep track of what was being measured, and collating the data as quickly as possible into a useful dataset.  The long term preservation of such data for reanalysis could potentially have  huge economic impact; due to new scientific understanding of key atmospheric processes.