NERC's Ernest Shackleton oceanographic vessel in the Arctic

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The British Geological Survey (BGS) is a public sector organization founded in 1835 which is responsible for advising the UK government on all aspects of geosciences, as well as providing impartial geological advice to industry, academia and the public. 

BGS is the designated Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) National Geosciences Data Centre (NGDC) and is the national UK repository for geosciences data derived from UK industry, international scientific collaboration and academic research. 

BGS is also the recognized geosciences Data Archive Centre (DAC) for the UK Marine and Data Environmental Information Network (MEDIN) initiative. BGS has many staff with practical experience of geosciences data acquisition and management. These staff are involved in the long-term archiving and management of the data at an organisational level, as well as supporting national and international projects acquiring new data or producing new data products.